Summer Dockage

Greenwood Marina is the Only Marina on Lake Minnetonka to Provide Covered Slips

14BGM134Covered slips are a vital component in keeping your boat protected from the elements. Eliminating the need to constantly struggle with your boats’ zip-up or snap-on cover, you will save time and effort departing from and returning to the slip. Being in a calm, sequestered bay limits the abuse your boat can take from everyday lake traffic and harsh weather. At Greenwood Marina, we provide 107 covered slips ranging in size from 24′ to 36′ in length. Below is information about our covered slips, along with pricing for dock slip rentals and canopy purchases.

Boat Slip Prices

Slip fees are split into three installments, billed every other month, spread out over a six month period. Our typical billing cycle has due dates on November 1st, February 1st, and April 1st. Below is a list of  prices for the 2019 boating season, per slip size. The total slip price includes the frame rental, but not canopy purchase prices.

Slip Size Total Slip Price 1/3 Installment
24’ x 10′ $5200.00 $1600.00
26' x 10' $5600.00 $1733.33
28’ x 11′ $6000.00 $1866.67
32’ x 12' $6850.00 $2133.33
34’ x 13′ $7250.00 $2266.67
36’ x 14′ $7700.00 $2400.00


Canopy Purchases and Frame Overview

At Greenwood Marina, we lease out our slips annually. The frames are included in the annual slip rental fee, and are *maintained by Greenwood Marina. The canopies are owned by each individual slip lessee. For new customers, the canopy is purchased from the previous owner, for a fee dependent upon the current condition of the vinyl. If one or more end flaps is associated with the slip, those are purchased as well. Canopies are installed in the spring, and removed in the fall by the Greenwood Marina staff.

Greenwood Marina documents the condition of the vinyls, and determines the value to provide an accurate sale price for both parties. Canopy and end flap prices vary between slips and slip sizes.

Canopies generally last about 6 years, and we typically depreciate them 15% per year. Below is a price list of new canopies and end flaps associated with our slip sizes to give you a point of reference. Please note these are close approximations.

Dock Size Canopy Endflap (each)
24’ $800.00 $275.00
28’ $1000.00 $300.00
32’ $1200.00 $350.00
34’ $1400.00 $400.00
36' $1600.00 $500.00

For example, if a new customer rents a 24’ slip, accompanied with a canopy 3 years old, and one end flap of the same age, the canopy transfer fee, or sale price, would be approximately $590.00, and there would be about 3 more years before the vinyls would fully depreciate. Installation and takedown fees are between $75.00 and $200.00, depending on the size of the canopy.

Boat Slip Availability

We do not currently have any slips available for the 2019 boating season. Please email or call us at 952-474-7942 to inquire about future availability.


*damage to the frames from misuse may result in fees to repair or replace any damaged components