Common Questions About Bean’s Greenwood Marina

How is your parking at the marina?

At Greenwood Marina we have always been able to provide at least one parking space for our customers. On weekdays, more than one vehicle is permitted. On weekends, however, we do require limitations of one car per boat. If one vehicle is not possible to transport your entire crew, we recommend shuttling to and from Excelsior after dropping off all supplies and guests as needed.

What are your hours of operation?

Our gas dock hours are 9 a.m. till dusk seven days a week, weather permitting, and within those hours you will find someone on the premises at all times, barring any emergencies. Our slip customers are welcome to come and go as they please, however we ask that you respect us (we do live on the property) and our neighbors. If you are coming in early in the morning or leaving late at night, please be mindful of the noise level between you and your guests.

What is security like?

We live on the property, and the entrance to our facilities runs through a condominium development, meaning there are plenty of eyes on the marina. We have some of, if not the best marina lighting on the lake, and we have had very few theft or vandalism incidents over the 40 years we have been in business.  We do recommend, however, if there is any concern about personal and/or expensive equipment on board to secure it properly or remove it from the boat per your discretion.

Do you provide gas discounts to your slip customers?

We do. Currently we offer 20 cents off a gallon to all our slip customers at the marina.